QR Codes

As we continue to help the selling/purchasing process we are always thinking of new inventive ways to help both buyers and sellers. We have decided to push forward with a revolutionary idea which we feel will dramatically change the way in which houses are bought and sold, the QR Code.

QR Code or Quick Response code is similar to the much more common barcode, made up of black modules in a square formation on a white background. They were first developed by the Toyota car company in order to track car parts easily and quickly initially developed in 1994, more recently they have been used by other companies and you will have seen them in many places like menu’s in restaurants and even food products in your local supermarket, many so small you wouldn’t notice them.

The series of black squares once scanned with a QR reader (which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone eg. QR reader) within seconds will automatically bring up a specified URL/website page so in our case all the photos, details, price etc is available at your fingertips.  There are QR reader apps available for Iphone/Andriod/Windows Mobile/Blackberry

Once scanned most reader apps will save the URL to the phone so theres no need to read them there and then you can simply scan all the codes you wish from the roads/areas you are interested in then go through them at your leisure, meaning there is no need to know the name of the road, the postcode or guessing at the price to find them on websites like rightmove when you get home.

We are both very proud and excited to be the FIRST agent in this area to utilise this great piece of equipment and feel that our constant effort to improve and make buying/selling a house easier and stress free will only be aided by this imitative.

Getting Started

1. On your smartphone go to your app store and search for QR Code reader

2. Choose which app you would like (the free ones are fine) and download

3. Once downloaded launch the app

4. Stand at least 2 feet away from the code and choose to scan/photo image

5. Within seconds the QR Code will have been scanned and the designated URL will automatically appear on your screen

6. Simply save or on certain apps they will be saved automatically then you can view all the full details as they appear on our website at your leisure.