Michael Herwald & Co are dedicated to making the moving experience as smooth as possible for both Vendor and Purchaser. All our friendly staff are experienced in the sale process and will be able to help with all enquiries.

We can offer advice and assistance on anything from contractors to solicitors most of which will offer a special rate if recommended by us. We can also put you in contact with a very good mortgage advisor who can assist with anything mortgage related.

All properties are available to view through the search function on the main page. We update our website on a daily basis so if you don’t find anything you like have a look tomorrow as there’s a chance we will have new properties available to view. When you find something you may be interested in take the time to read through the details and if possible go and have a drive past so you get a better idea of the area, then simply give us a call on 0161 773 5000 and we will be able to arrange a viewing at a time to suit you, we conduct viewings 7 days a week in order to cater to each persons individual needs.

One of our staff will meet you at the property and hopefully be able to answer any questions you have. Then if you’re interested we can discuss an offer and make the move to your new home as simple as possible.