Michael Herwald and Co. specialise in selling and renting residential properties around the Prestwich, Whitefield, Salford 7, Crumpsall and Radcliffe areas. The agency was set up in 1986 by Michael, who has been selling & renting property in the area since leaving school in 1972.

Our showroom which is located in the heart of Prestwich Village near M&S on Bury New Road, has all the information landlords and tenants need. Our friendly experienced staff will endeavour to make the process as straight forward and pleasant as possible.

We offer two options to landlords ‘Find A Tenant Only’ and ‘Full Management’. For both services we will conduct all the viewings 7 days a week, advertise all over the internet - which includes, and our own website, display in our showroom and a To Let board will be organised.

When we find a suitable tenant/s  we ask them to come to our office with their most recent months bank statement and passport, we will asses their suitability and discuss their situation with you before asking them to submit a full application. Each person who will be living at the property aged over 18 is required to submit an application at the cost of £95 per applicant, this is due to them needing to be entered onto the tenancy agreement.

The application will then be submitted to the referencing agent and reply given in around 48 hours, once the succesful applications have been received we will collect one months rent plus £100 as deposit (ie. rent £600 further £100 = £700 deposit) which now has to be protected with the Deposit Protection Scheme which we organise. Once received move in dates will be agreed and we will draw up an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a minimum period of 6 months - which the tenant will sign (this will include a section 21). The first months rent is then paid upfront by the tenant. Should the tenant wish to continue living in the property after the 6 month initial period the agreement will just carry on – on a month to month basis.

When the Tenant gives their 1 month notice to vacate we will notify you and expect that we should re-advertise it again with immediate effect. If we are NOT managing the property, no doubt you will advise us when the tenant is leaving. Should you wish your tenant to vacate for any reason you have to give them 2 months notice.

We will notify the council tax office, water company, gas and electricity of the change of occupier – therefore you will have to advise us which providers are used.

Each property requires an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which we will provide free of charge.

We offer a competitevly priced starter package, fee will be taken out of the first months rent and this includes:
Full photographic written & itemised inventory of your property. 
For us to register your tenants deposit which is a legal requirement.
The first Landlords Gas Safety Certificate which lasts for 12 months.
(Electrical Safety Certificate can be obtained if required).

When the property is to be re-let we offer the above at a reduced fee.

If we are only ‘Finding A Tenant’ for you, we then pass the tenant over to you and any queries they may have will be arranged directly. Where as if we are ‘Managing’ the property any queries or problems with the property will be dealt with by our dedicated rental department who will arrange quotes for works through our highly competitive contractors list (unless you have specified your own workmen) and deal with everything on your behalf.

We will carry out regular checks on the property to ensure that the tenants are looking after the property.

On the day that we receive your rent we will endeavour to transfer it to your bank account and send a statement out to you – including any receipts for work that may have been carried out

The fee structures obviously differ depending on which service you would require. Our agent will discuss these figures with you during your valuation. Both options are offered on the basis of ‘NO RENT NO FEE’ meaning you pay absolutely nothing unless we find a tenant for you.